1. I made some small “Thank you for your support” Cards for the prints sold at my senior gallery show.

    Using the image from this .gif I made a while ago. 


    I’m only selling 10 limited edition signed 9x12 prints of each piece I have at the show. (4 thesis pieces, one Gallery piece, 50 prints in total) So I thought these little cards would make purchasing the prints just a little bit more special. 

    Again, if you’re in the Lancaster, PA area. Come down to the show at the Pennsylvania college of art and design and see all the amazing work that’s going to be up! 

  2. I also completed my gallery piece for my senior show on May 2nd! 

    If you are in or around the Area that is Lancaster, PA. You should definitely try to come out to the show at the Pennsylvania college of art and design! 

    My senior class has been working hard to make some incredible pieces so it’ll be an experience you don’t want to miss! 

    I will be selling signed limited edition prints of my gallery piece and Thesis pieces there, so come out and grab one while you have the chance!

    (Pro-tip: The short lovely lady on the left in the first photo is Me! )

  3. Finished my 3rd Thesis piece!

  4. Another preview of my senior thesis of the Never ending story. 

    This time with Moon Child!

  5. (non official)Album cover for the singer Grimes. 

    AIGA and Society of illustrators at my college did a collaborative event where we broke up into groups of mixed designers and illustrators and had a competition to create the best album cover for Grime. 

    It was then voted down into two groups designs and voted upon by the masses of facebook. The prize being free swag from the art director of the record company. 

    This image was a collaboration with my Friend Nathalie Pacheco, so I cannot take all the credit. 

    Our design ended up winning, and the prizes we won blew our minds. 

    There was a bunch of things, but two that stood out was a Dark Side of the Moon Immersion collection set. Containing collectors items, and unreleased tracks from Pink Floyd( Being a huge pink floyd fan, I selfishly took this box set for myself) . And a Billy Idol print, SIGNED. BY. BILLY.IDOL. HIMSELF. 


  6. Really pleased on how the texture of this is coming along! 

    Sorry for all the teasers!

  7. Very small  rough preview of the beginnings of my thesis of the Never ending story. Unfortunately I won’t be uploading the final images until after my senior show so stay patient peeps! :]

  8. A ” I can’t sleep” Spit paint from last night. Started with a blob shape and saw where it took me. 


  9. What keeps me motivated on my senior thesis? Watching the ending story movies and thinking, man, I REALLY need to do this book a service. 

    Because the movies were somewhat shit at doing so. Somewhat, nice classic feel they have, horrible execution with the characters and book accurateness  

    I’m putting SO much pressure on my self oh my god. 


  10. loupelu asked: What version of Photoshop do you use?

    CS5.1. I hear CS6 is wonderful but I’ve just been lazy when it comes to upgrading.